The World Semiconductor Council (WSC) conducts a meeting once per year during the spring (April or May). The WSC chairmanship and meeting location rotates on an annual basis among the six participating members. The WSC is supported by a Joint Steering Committee (JSTC) and by task force and committee units composed of industry experts appointed by the member associations. The JSTC meets three times each year to review the task force and committee activities and to discuss possible new areas for international cooperation. Following each meeting of the WSC, a joint meeting of WSC and JSTC representatives is held with appropriate government/authority officials from each of the six participating regions. This meeting is known as the "Government/Authorities Meeting on Semiconductors (GAMS)". The purpose is to make recommendations to the governments/authorities and to discuss issues of common concern. Current WSC Activities include:

  • Environmental, safety, and health activities
  • Tariff elimination on semiconductors
  • In support of E-commerce
  • Tracking semiconductor trends
  • IP protection
  • Market access
  • Developing trade rules