Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protection is extremely important for the semiconductor industry, which is compelled to constantly introduce the most up-to-date technology and make massive investments in R&D. The WSC recognizes the need to develop and strengthen IP protection and enforcement with the aim of promoting new technological development.

Since the establishment of the WSC IP Committee in 2004, IP Committee activities have included:

  • Promoting protection of semiconductor layout designs
  • Enhancing patent quality
  • Promoting trade secret protection
  • Studying measures to curb abusive patent litigation


Key IP policy recommendations and White Papers

May, 2015 – Core Elements for Trade Secret Protection

May, 2015 – Recommendations for legislators to reduce abusive patent litigation

May, 2014 – WSC Recommendations for Improvements to National Utility Model Laws


WSC Policy Proposal Regarding Layout Design Intellectual Property

In addition to the IP sphere, the WSC also cooperates on Anti-Counterfeiting issues through the anti-counterfeiting task force.



Counterfeit semiconductors threaten the health, safety, and security of citizens and infrastructure worldwide. The World Semiconductor Council (WSC) has established an anti-counterfeiting task force, to promote anti-counterfeiting activities, including training and sharing relevant intelligence information with enforcement authorities, raising awareness, and encouraging purchases from authorized sources rather than brokers with unknown sources of supply. The WSC also works closely with governments and authorities to drive anti-counterfeiting legislation, policies and regulations, and encourages domestic, bilateral and multilateral countermeasures and enforcement activities. Such enhanced anti-counterfeiting cooperation activities at the industry level alongside government agencies, customs and law enforcement agencies is instrumental to identify and stop parties involved in manufacturing or trafficking in counterfeit goods.

May, 2014 – Winning the Battle Against Counterfeit Semiconductor Products (White Paper)

May, 2014 – Winning the Battle Against Counterfeit Semiconductor Products (Slides)